We serve our veterans with passion.

At Honor Audiology, we believe that our veterans deserve passionate and efficient audiology care. They have served our great country with passion and we aim to serve them with the same. Click the button below to see if you are eligible for care in the community!

Our Mission

To honor and serve our Veterans as passionately as they have served our Country, and to offer the best healthcare possible.


Our Veterans

At Honor Audiology, we feel that our Veterans have been instrumental in keeping our Country safe. We know that many have lost their hearing through deployment. We are HONORED to serve our Veterans as they have selflessly served our Country.

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Our Military

As a Tri Care Provider, we are honored to serve all branches of our US Military. Our offices will be located near our large bases starting in Texas and then branching out to all over the US to serve our Active Military.

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Our Wise Elder

It is important as we have hearing losses to be able to hear as well as possible! In a study recently published in 2018, The American Geriatrics Society. CONCLUSIONS: “Hearing aids may have a mitigating effect.

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Our Team